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9/5 02:17
nine to five what‘s nine to five? fuck nine to five man i hate this kind of life i can‘t deny that this thought is ruling my life tough ain‘t enough in a world that freezes my soul till it is ice every day the same struggle everyday the same shit kills me one thought to rule them all sometimes there are situations i lose mind and soul go fuck your real deal tough ain‘t enough half breathing half drowning nine to five is like half breathing half drowning
i lose mind you wanna talk about life? but nah nah son you‘re right son this world ain‘t fair dead eyes without shine got no love to share so who are you to tell me what i have to change you don‘t know me just because you know my name i know how but i don’t know why i‘m selling life, selling time, money on my mind it‘s getting hard, reality means cheap tricks, untruth feeling so real but i got it friend don‘t tell me how life is meant you fool you will never understand what it feels like with shackles on your hand so i took the pill with a smile and taste the bitterness surrounded by the daily crisis i‘m so fed up with it this world isn‘t mine life is a one way trip lost the love inside so what’s fucked? my life movin’, losin’ my options are that do it cause i want it or i do it for the cash, so bad but reality is cold i want to live my life while nobody else does it you never know my life nah never
king, get outta my way you fly so high life is easy when you‘re leading the sheeps, dog but keep in mind if someone falls another king rises take off your crown gimme your crown you’re not my king i‘m not your serf so gimme your crown i’ll throw it to the dirt success always a point of view if you understand tell me you king, you fool i have a problem crappy arrogance your definition of character the bank balance but do you know what’s a hard time? do you know what i feel? fuck no but i know that you‘re talking shit about a life you never had a fucking feet in fly so high fall deep life is easy when you‘re leading the sheeps, dog but keep in mind if someone falls another king rises take off your crown so who are you now? without your crown you‘re all alone you’re a king without a throne
BUZZ OFF! 02:44
deep down in the swamps for you with shit to my neck now you alone have to shoulder the fuckin‘ mess that you’ve made / leave running away i followed your bait i was a stray rat crossing a maze losing my head losing my faith you led me straight into hate no girl, we are not still friends go away sometimes it‘s hard to accept you left my life with no regrets my past is holding me back to live my life with you again these wounds baby tell me how is life right now i guess life‘s a bitch, like you were always how do you sleep, your misery is lust over love everything i did was never enough fuck you don‘t want your words, tired of your shit talking like maria actin like a bitch i‘m searching reasons, same time you‘re searching to get some blink your big blue eyes absorb the life of the next one you’re so fucking cold when angles turn to ice they will be never satisfied buzz off! now baby stop cast your fishing rod for me nose too high / wounds too deep buzz off! fuck that finally leaving / the stress all you other motherfuckers thought your lucky, snap trap you could never understand the things that i‘ve lost in the past man i just want myself to be nah i won‘t come back fuck you
you shoot your words but you never hit me alright people telling me how i have to be in my life do they understand? no i don‘t give a damn you know nothing go move on justify your own vices living life gets tougher suffer the ice (3x) ice is the only thing that‘s surrounding me you spit advices but you never really know how it feels they‘re saying life is a game easy to say as long as the cash flow stays the same we all will see no change they call it fair play ha! i call it tricking oh how i love the world we live in do that, do this, truth is, don‘t wanna do it you‘re talking like you got the clue your talking is so foolish you‘re trying to teach me, but your words ain‘t deep the key is start your own thing and stop judging me cause you are just a wannabe time flies, life is going by sometimes i’m looking high but there‘s no shine for me easy to see that my future is bleak man i’m twenty-two am i suppose to be / to freeze to feel / the ice this world is full of fakes a fact that i can‘t change i took my consequences, shut you out let no one in so who is foe? and who is friend? my feelings numbed as long as i suffer the ice i’m alright
THE VOID 03:07
fear the drill feel the chill your qualities the dollar bills eternal war? eternal peace? do u see controversy? i don‘t think so you better gimme some real talk, some words you apparently missed ten feet tall, the lies you thrown to my head real talk, some words you definitely missed ten feet tall, the lies you thrown to my head preaching lies dis and dat if you got a doubt they hold you down with wrong facts if the truth is too loud you end up crazy or dead true facts would snap back the heads the press tricks the mass but nobody gets that good becomes bad suppress the depressed with slaps and arrest they’re drowning in cash i’m drowning in stress the more i struggle the less i rest i could i should just lose it


released August 11, 2017


all rights reserved



SLOPE Duisburg, Germany

Hardcore Band from Duisburg Germany

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